Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients

The staffing experts at Quest Group are experienced in helping employers fill positions in a variety of industries. Our areas of expertise include:
To ensure that we provide employers with exceptional candidates, our staffing experts implement a rigorous recruitment process for each search. We define your specific hiring needs and company culture. Then, our staffing experts will begin the sourcing process through the use of email marketing, database mining, extensive job postings, telephone prospecting, and social media campaigns. Once the sourcing process is complete, we’ll conduct a thorough screening to understand each candidate’s background, motivations, and competency. The search will end with the offer process where we’ll work with you to achieve a successful contract agreement with the most qualified candidate.
Hiring timelines vary based on the employer and the urgency to fill certain positions.
Getting in touch with Quest Group is easy. Simply fill out our online form and we will be in touch with you shortly.
As an employer, your employees are your greatest asset and largest expense. Therefore, it’s essential to hire and retain the very best individuals for each position. When you work with Quest Group, you will:
  • Save time
  • Reduce execution risk
  • Enjoy access to elite consultants
  • Benefit from best practices
  • Provide additional training to your existing staff

For Candidates

Openings vary based on the clients' needs. Quest Group offers a variety of job opportunities available to our talent pool from the multiple industries we represent. Our talent acquisition experts work hard in finding the right job match that suits an applicant’s skills, experience, and preferences.
The staffing experts at Quest Group are experienced in helping employers fill positions in a variety of industries. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Access to a database of job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly
  • Valuable career and salary advice
  • Feedback on resumes, cover letters, and interviews
  • Insights on the company culture, environment, and recruitment process
  • Ongoing support with your career
Once you contact us about our job placement services, we’ll conduct an interview with you over the phone to understand your skills, past experience, and career goals. We will then inform you of any jobs that meet your particular needs.
We work directly with employers who pay us for qualified candidate placement. Therefore, job seekers can utilize our services at no cost.
You will receive an email notification that we have your information. If one of our staffing professionals finds an opportunity based on your preferences and experience, they will get in touch with you shortly.

Quest Group holds offices in Atlanta, New York, and Philadelphia, but offers job placement across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Contact us for more detailed information regarding possible positions worldwide.

If you are already a job candidate, please call your local branch for updates on your submission.