The Myth of the Salesforce Hybrid Unicorn

Quest Group Search Everyone is looking for a magical Salesforce candidate who can manage and grow your Salesforce org, and write code, all at once. They theoretically embody the best qualities of both a technically-skilled Salesforce Developer and a business-minded Salesforce Administrator. We like to call this person the Salesforce Hybrid Unicorn. The never-ending search for this omniscient Salesforce jack-of-all-trades, rarely, if ever, ends well. Like all quick fixes, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Which begs the question: if the Salesforce Hybrid Unicorn is simply a myth, then why is there an industry-wide perception that they exist in abundance and how do we fill the gap?

The Salesforce Marketplace in 2018

The need for this unicorn is growing as the demand for developers and the price of hiring top talent continues to increase. This Bloomberg article explains why as the “American job market heats up, demand for technology talent boils.” Companies don’t want to pay the premium for hiring developers with computer science degrees and a multitude of certifications if they can expect Administrators to wear both hats for less money. The cheaper solution is hiring for soft-skills like aptitude, collaboration and teamwork, and training from within. Those needs are even more prominent for Salesforce Developers specifically. A study in CIO Magazine found that Salesforce-specific roles offer an 8 percent higher salary than other sales roles, and IT roles with Salesforce carry an 11 percent salary premium. That’s a lot of money. And it’s only natural that the market would invent a “Salesforce Hybrid Unicorn” to come in and solve all their problems at lower rates, and hybrid expectations. Ideal, but unrealistic.

The Hard Truth about Salesforce Candidates

We speak from depth of experience when we say the Salesforce Hybrid Unicorn doesn’t exist. And if you’re lucky enough to find someone who comes close, chances are they don’t want to do both jobs. Salesforce developers and administrators also have very different interests. Interest drives passion and passion drives excellence. With that said, it’s extremely rare and time-intensive to find someone with both Salesforce Administrator and Developer skill sets and interests. If you want to motivate your people and maximize performance, it’s critical that we set realistic expectations upfront to place the right candidates in the right roles based on their distinct talents and passions. That’s where Quest Group comes in.

The Hard Truth about Your Salesforce Projects

As critical as it is to set realistic expectations upfront with candidates, it’s just as critical that you set the right expectations internally to avoid hiring the wrong person for the job (which often happens in the search for the mythical Salesforce Hybrid Unicorn). Still want a unicorn? Well, the quest will be a very long one; fraught with false sightings and Hybrid-Unicorn hoaxers. Has your company considered the risk that a lengthy talent search that usually concludes in mis-hires, poses to your project goals? If not, we recommend doing so. The aftermath of roping in the wrong person – from wasted time and resources, to the pain of having to duplicate the process in a year - could be catastrophic to your company.  We’ve found that this usually happens when companies hire for the mythical Salesforce Hybrid Unicorn. The Unicorn almost always ends up sprouting wings, shape-shifting into a Pegasus and flying away- all because they discovered another opportunity that better aligned with their true interests halfway through your project. These risks should be assessed as it relates to your projects before deciding to hire someone new. That too is where Quest Group can help.

Quest Group as Your Guide

Your full-time job is leading your organization, so the last thing you want to do is spend your nights and weekends reading up on the latest hiring trends and analyzing candidate portfolios. What you need is a recruiting partner you can trust. One who understands your unique Salesforce needs, understands the Salesforce market, and can partner with you to mitigate project risk by providing unique and effective staffing solutions that extend beyond finding the right person for the job. Our team is incentivized to place candidates for long-term success. Our process includes a thorough vetting of the candidates skills and interests, a complete understanding of the role we’re filling. A differentiating benefit is that our team is Salesforce Admin-certified and are deeply involved in the Salesforce Ohana.  So it's much easier for us to understand both sides of the transaction. Whether you’re feeling the financial pressure to quickly grow your company, need projects to move faster or want to free up valuable time and get back to doing what you do best, Quest Group can help.

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