The Quest Group team has a passion for maximizing potential by connecting SalesforceTM professionals with meaningful contract and permanent Salesforce opportunities at small, medium and large firms who rely on Salesforce. Quest is committed to a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem including vetting opportunities for breath and depth of work as well as evaluating a candidates skill sets by certified Salesforce professionals.

Clients are confident Quest will deliver the best, most highly skilled Salesforce professionals in the market, vetted by our certified professionals.

Candidates know Quest will have the most rewarding Salesforce opportunities in the market, and that our team of certified professionals understands what it takes to do their job.

Quest adds value to both a candidates search for new opportunities as well as a company’s search for the right Salesforce talent. The team’s commitment to delivering the best candidate for the right opportunity is the bedrock of our engagement strategy.

Search Standards

Through a rich understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, the Quest Group team quickly locates the right candidates for each IT opportunity. The Quest team recruits top talent with the precise skill set, experience, and background necessary for each role.

Placement Process

When a client needs to find the right Salesforce talent for a specific role, our team of recruiters leverages our network of industry contacts to quickly identify a group of qualified candidates.

Our team is focused on finding candidates with the skills and experience necessary to excel in your organization, and whose values and culture align with that of your institution.

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